What is it?

Have you ever imagined playing with your friends in one region in Cities: Skylines where everyone creates their own different town? Mayors can get together and connect their cities with bus or train lines. One can build an airport for the whole region and every player would connect it to their town. Another can make a university to let students from other cities learn. Maybe you have thought about building a city together where everyone has their district? One player builds the downtown, the other one takes care of the suburbs and the guy who likes skyscrapers creates a financial district. You can also invite the industry lover to set up the oil industry on the other side of the map. If this sounds good to you, learn about Citieshare!

Citieshare is an online service that introduces turn-based multiplayer to Cities: Skylines. You just need to create a game room and set some properties of it, such as the title, game image and description. Then, there is an option to add your Steam mods collection, custom map and choose necessary DLCs. You also need to set the turn length and the players count. At the end you finally upload your save game file.

When your game is created, it enters into "Recruiting" state. At this stage all the players can find your game on the website and if they find it interesting, they may apply. You, as a host, can then check their profile and accept them or not. When you accept the required number of players, the game enters into "Ready" state. Now, the host needs to assign one district to every player in the game room.

When it's one's turn, the player can download the save game file, play in their district/town chosen by the host, and to end the turn they just need to upload the save file. However, if they decide that there is nothing to do this turn, they can skip it and pass the city to the next player. If the player does not upload the save game file in the time set in the turn length, the host may skip the turn.

If you are applying for a spot in a game room, you need to take care of your profile. You can set your favorite city style or set your nationality. You can also upload up to nine screenshots of your cities and write something about yourself.

That's just a bit of what Citieshare can offer. Help in improving it by joining the Closed Alpha now!

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